Special Events and Workshops

Quantum Field Constellation – A tool for clarification, resolution and transformation 

Transformation made visible
This kind of transformation work is an ideal tool for clarification, resolution and transformation on topics such as:
* On context with family issues
* On conflicts at the health level
* Clarity in relationships / partnerships
* On professional (re) orientation
* On life path (re) orientation
* On support for mental and spiritual growth
Every aspect of a topic has its own energy field, a quantum field in which all information is stored over all times.
In a form of a multidimensional communication I connect to the specific vibrations and frequencies of all aspects
respectively persons and get access to the information that is relevant to the topic.
Thus the connections and relationships of the individual persons / aspects to each other become visible at different
In a course process, overtaken patterns, bonds and blockages are transformed and the entire field starts reshaping
A Quantum Field Constellation
* Sees the topic from a superior view
* Opens up possibilities for practical solutions
* Supports to clarify life-sense and life goals
* Helps to identify potentials and growth opportunities
* Allows a harmonious reorganisation
* Has a transforming and healing effect
An individual session takes about 3 hours and costs 150, – Euro.
Remote sessions via Skype are possible
A visualisation of the constellation as a personal info graphic will be provided

More information about my work:
Website: www.art-of-transformation.de
Contact: ulrike@art-of-transformation.de

2. / 3. JUNE 2018 Saturday and Sunday 10.00 – 18.00



This workshop is for all who want to improve their voice: For those who want to sing freely, who have to give speeches or have to talk a lot like teachers.

Has your voice the optimal sound and volume? Is it loud enough, clear and understandable? Have you got a problem speaking in public or a speech impediment? Would you like to improve your singing voice?

This workshop is to help with all these aspects – and you will enjoy it!

Anne Meurer is an experienced speech- and singing therapist and a singer herself. She lives in Berlin/Germany.

Through sound orientated group work and one-to-one teaching you will experience an unfolding of your own sound. You will have the opportunity to work with your own theme or problem.

This workshop is open to all, also suitable for professional singers.

140 € for both days , lunch and tea included.

Please book with a deposit of 70€, either by bank-transfer or directly at Quinta do Pombal.
Associação Zen e Yoga,

IBAN: PT50 0045 7212 401 301 865 2858


Please send a confirmation of your bank transfer to us.