Welcome to Quinta do Pombal

DUE TO THE CURRENT Covid 19 SITUATION WE OFFER  AT THE MOMENT ONLY A LIMITED NUMBER OF COURSES AND CLASSES. YOU CAN BOOK AGAIN SHIATSU TREATMENTS WITH LINNE (see “shiatsu”), get energy  with classes of exercises and stretching in a safe environment (outside if the weather permits / see “shiatsu”) or enjoy  EXPRESSIVE MOVEMENT AND DANCE – sessions outside in the garden (please consult “rio abierto dance movement).

If you like to participate see “meditation” for an online course.


Quinta do Pombal in the Algarve / South of Portugal is a beautiful place to learn and practice Yoga, Zen-Meditation, Shiatsu and many other techniques that help to balance body and mind.
The „Quinta“, an old Portuguese farmhouse,  is set in a large colourful garden with many orange-trees. It’s a magic place to heal and to enjoy life.
During the week we offer YOGA-classes in different languages (English, Portuguese, German); LU JONG -Tibetan Healing Yoga and ZEN MEDITATION.  The groups are small and friendly.
You can also book SHIATSU treatments or learn Shiatsu in a foundations course that enables you treating your family and friends and serves at the first part of professional training.

From time to time we offer special workshops. We are happy that well known and internationally recognized teachers from all over the world are teaching in our center. 

The center is situated in between S.Brás de Alportel and Loulé, about 16 km away from Faro.