Quinta do Pombal is a beautiful place to learn and practice Yoga,Zen-Meditation, Shiatsu and many other techniques who help to balance body and mind. The big old farmhouse is set in a large colourful garden with many orange-trees. It's a magic place to heal and to enjoy life.

The center is situated in between S.Brás de Alportel and Loulé, about 16 km away from Faro.

During the week we offer several Yoga-classes in different languages (english, portuguese, german), LU JONG /Tibetan Healing Yoga, Zen-Meditation and Shiatsu-treatments. You can also learn to give Shiatsu to family and friends.

Mainly on weekends you can book for special workshops and retreats. We are happy that well known and internationally recognized teachers from all over the world are teaching in our center.


Zazen, seated meditation, is a particular kind of buddhist  meditation coming from Japan. When you maintain a proper posture and your breathing settles down, your mind will naturally become tranquil. You don't concentrate on any particular object or control the thoughts. We practice in the line of Zen-master Hogen Yamahata.

- Weekly meditation – group

- Zazenkai – morning of mindfulness

- Sesshins

The Zen Mediation meetings are conducted in silence, with  a number of 30-40 minute sitting periods, separated by about 5 minutes of slow walking meditation. There are talks and readings.

Zen Meditation is orientated by Katja Krabiell, senior disciple of Zenmaster Daido Hôgen Yamahata.



Bodypostures, meditation, breathing and deep relaxation keep the body flexible and healthy and calm the mind. These techniques and philosophy from India help to prevent diseases and to  stay well. Inner awareness and concentration on the breath are combined with the movements. We offer on-going classes in different languages - english, german and portuguese – as well as "Yoga of the Heart", a very gentle type of Yoga for people with heartdisease, cancer, other chronic diseases or limited mobilty, and Tibetan Yoga/Lu Jong - healing movements from Tibet.